Seller Tips

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Sellers Tips

  • Look for a qualified agent that is knowledgeable in your housing market.
  • Will provide references or a strong marketing proposal.
  • Start planning early enough to make a smooth transition.
  • Discard unwanted possessions.
  • Identify your home’s flaws or problems
  • Sellers are obligated to disclose any major problems or flaws in the structure or property. The disclosure requirements vary by state, but if you fail to mention any detail you could be liable. Most buyers will have the home inspected before closing.
  • Get the house in “showcase” condition
  • Small cosmetic touches can increase your home’s value by thousands.
  • Edit your furnishings to reduce any clutter.
  • Decide what will be included in the sale such as fixtures or appliances.
  • Suggested Exterior Improvements
  • Painting: Touch up your home paint before you put it on the market.
  • Exterior appearance should be in clean order.
  • Have your home staged if it’s not professionally designed already.
  • Repairs: Make sure all majore repairs are completed.

Suggested Staging Tips

  • Hire a professional Stager if you’re home is not in picture perfect shape.
  • Kitchen: clean and clear counters.
  • Bathrooms: clean presentation, fresh towels and scented candles.
  • Remove all clutter
  • Comfort: Keep your home well ventilated and a comfortable temperature.

Pricing Your Property

Determining the price for your home is the most critical step in preparing your home to be sold.

Pricing Strategy:

  • Pricing depends on the market conditions at the time your home is put on the market.
  • A well-priced home will often sell quicker given its condition and timing of the market.

Market Activity and Timing:

  • A home will typically receive its most positive exposure during the first three to five weeks on the market.
  • Statistically the longer a home is on the market, the lower the selling price.

Targeting the Right Buyer:

  • When your price is too low, you could lose money on your original investment.
  • Overpricing a property is risky.
  • A skillful agent will help you price your property based on the needs of the seller, market value and appraisal.

A written estimate of value based on an analysis of:

  • Current and similar homes for sale at the moment. These will allow you to have a better perspective on the similarity and market value.
  • Similar homes recently sold. These tell you what buyers are willing to pay for your kind of home, in your area, at this time.
  • Expired listings and similar homes that were on the market for longer than 120 days or more, will illustrate your status.