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Pop-Up Piano Performances in Wynwood

October 19th, 2012

Art is life, life is art, and both are unpredictable. As the Art Basel season commences, and Sydney Server backs her affiliations and artists’ features, it’s fitting to note that residents and visitors in Wynwood Arts District Miami should expect the unexpected.

Last year, there were a slew of pop up Steinway performances in Wynwood. This season, it should be expected again.

Steinway reports that it will place around five to seven Steinway pianos, tailored by native Miamian artists, around Wynwood and the Design District. This will take place between December 6-9, 2012.

Pop-Up Piano, the group in charge of promoting this series, aims to mobilize local artists to street performances, something that sings heavily in the tune of what the Arts districts are all about.

Miami Wynwood Arts District is at the center stage of an artistic and business revolution. As the main focus is steadily sculptured into art, so are businesses like restaurants and boutiques making their way to this district.

Sydney Server is also an art aficionado, and as such, her tastes for real estate opportunities as a realtor discern toward Wynwood also.

Most recently, the  Fitness Center on her featured listings page is one of the rare commercial opportunities that investors can take advantage of. It’s in a central location in Wynwood, nearby restaurants and businesses.

The fitness center also comes with many amenities one would expect of a luxury gym, including his and her sauna rooms, a juice bar, a rooftop pool and other features.

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The Purvis Young Studio, Wynwood Arts

October 15th, 2012

It is in the time of need that great ideas are born. If Purvis Young could say that now, he would, and he did. The late Purvis Young, who passed in 2010, has a museum setup in the Wynwood Arts District, Miami. The studio or gallery was found as a non-profit, where it’s main mission is the promotion of art and education.

There are many roads that a man can travel to shine. Young’s route was clearly art, and the world’s most credible art  organizations would strongly agree.

He is honored and featured in the Smithsonian Institute, the Corcoran Museum of Art in Washington, D.C., Skot in New York, and is also a member of the Florida Art Hall of Fame.

Young’s other trophy decorations included awards and exhibitions at several renowned locations worldwide.

Purvis was born in 1943, and lived in the Overtown, Miami community, a poverty stricken shadow of the luxurious districts nearby. He however, focused on painting the pictures of his own life and surroundings.

Purvis Young sparked his artistic genius during a three-year stint in jail during his teenage years. Following those years, he put his skills to practical use, painting more than 300 pieces of art that art lovers revel in to this day. Upcoming artists also frequent the museum to garner inspiration.

The Purvis Young museum or studio is located at 255 NW 23rd Street, Miami, Florida 33127. Exhibitions are made by appointment only, where reservations can be made at 305-576-1327.

The Wynwood Arts District is one of the forts of The Art Basel Season. As this celebration  kicks off, Sydney Server showcases her love for art, the artists, and the Wynwood real estate market that ties in with spotlighting talent.

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Rare Fitness Center for Lease in Wynwood

October 12th, 2012

Are you thinking about expanding your fitness center at another prime destination?

This fitness center presents an incredible opportunity to partake in Wynwood’s transformation into an urban destination.

Wynwood is rapidly expanding into a premier location, with many upcoming artists and businesses being concentrated in a small area.

The population also prides itself in exercise and fitness, with promotions of monthly Wynwood art walks, as well as organic restaurants spread throughout the vicinity.

This fitness center features several amenities that would lure in fabulous crowds looking to get or stay in shape. These include a rooftop pool and deck lounge to warm up or cool down before and after workouts.

The center additionally features three fitness rooms, his and her lockers rooms complete with showers, as well as dry/wet saunas. It’s fully designed for the fitness industry, so no remodeling or extra overhaul needs to be done.

Other conveniences include adequate parking, an elevator, city views while exercising or coaching, and a central location to shops, nightlife, galleries and restaurants.

There’s an additional 1,000 SF street level storefront space available for $40. PSF NNN if it meets your concept. Other avenues of income can be obtained with the juice or fitness bar built inside the property.

The space is ideal for whatever brand or concept of fitness, gyms, spas, pole dancing, bar fitness, or Pilates studios you have in mind.

For business men and women who motivate everyday folks to get in  shape, it’s time to motivate your business plans, by taking it from startup to success. There’s also a “JOINT VENTURE” opportunity for established concept Tenant.

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Property Name: Two Midtown
Address: 2700 N. Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33127
Year Built:2007
Type: retail, 3,000 SF
Price Per SF: $20/ Year

Listing Broker: Sydney Server

Sources: LoopNet, Sydney Server Real Estate

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New Restaurant Blooms In Wynwood

October 12th, 2012

Bloom is relatively new to Wynwood, having debuted just a few weeks ago. Now, it’s making waves throughout Miami.

The Wynwood Arts District in Miami, has become a place that attracts crowds that are artistically inclined. Whether this means sculpting, painting an expressive figure on a blank canvas, or giving way to  a budding artist who crafts delicious food delights.

Executive Chef Ricki Sauri has been pulled in by Wynwood’s force, and he expects to stick.

Jose Miguel Sarti and Sebastian Stahl launched the restaurant just two months ago. Now, it’s being classified as a Wynwood Art District Miami staple, which blends both Latin and Asian tastes in a fusion of delicacies.

Chef Sauri is a Guatemalan native, but he has taken his experiences from Bahamas’ and Miami Beach’s restaurants, to one of Wynwood Arts District’s newest dining spots – The Bloom.

Bloom restaurant has a seating capacity of 132, and it’s hard to miss along the hustle and bustle of North Miami Avenue. It’s located at 2751 North Miami Ave Suite 5. Miami, FL, 33127.

The restaurant only sources local, organic foods, which has been a keen interest of residents these past few years. Diners can eat healthily outside their homes, while still experiencing the services of a casual dining restaurant.

The Wynwood Arts District is an eclectic mix of sorts. It has seen a stream of debuts and renovations of several entertainment, retail, and commercial spots these past few weeks.

These and other new restaurants will cater to equally new residents in the Wynwood and Midtown real estate market. Sydney Server has additionally acclimated newcomers to Miami’s luxury lifestyle and entertainment, through the concierge-style sector of Sydney Server real estate. On her list of favorites on the Wynwood row is Jimmy’z, Morgans, Clives Jamaican, and Midtown’s Rest Row. 

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