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Virgin Hotels Comes To Miami

August 27th, 2013

Richard Branson’s Virgin Hotels has structured an office in Coconut Grove Miami, according to several news sources. The move comes as part of the company’s plan to connect easily with several regions including Latin America, The Caribbean and Europe.

Virgin Hotels is a subsidiary of Virgin Group, where its Coconut Grove office is manned by 10 employees in a shared space with Virgin Mobile Latin America. The hotel group was established just two years ago, but has its eyes set on expansion. Earlier reports by Miami Herald confirmed that the group had a longstanding interest in developing hotel franchises in Miami Beach and Brickell. Fort Lauderdale is also on the radar, according to the company’s CEO, Raul Leal. The first franchise will be opened in Chicago, followed by New York.

A Bloomberg report has furthermore stated that the brand plans to expand globally with an aim of 25 hotels by 2020. The mission according to the same executive is diversity. The hotel chain is hinging on brand recognition to lure in high income demographics and they’ll be marketed as four-star hotels featuring 150-400 rooms each.

Miami is undergoing major expansion in several real estate sectors including commercial and residential real estate. For vacant land spaces, preconstruction condos featuring luxury amenities, office buildings for sale and more, Contact Sydney Server at 305-562-7363.

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Coconut Grove’s Featured Architects

August 14th, 2013

This post will feature some of the leading architects in South Florida, with special emphasis on Coconut Grove.

Max Strang

Max Strang Architecture won the 2010 Firm of the Year by The American Institute of Architecture Miami Chapter and is notable for their environmental, modernist themes. Their designs have been featured in several media outlets, including Tropical Gardens, which spotlights hidden exotic paradises; and ArchDaily, an online publication dedicated to sharing great American architects and their works. Owner and lead architect Max Strang’s Balinese- inspired home was also featured here.

The featured home above is a glimpse of the firm’s plethora of designs, and is now on a roll of properties that are available for film and production in Miami, by Location Resources Inc.

Bjarke Ingels

While there are many historic homes listed, buyers may also get in touch with professional Miami REALTORS to source just built single-family homes and condos.

One of the hot new condo properties in this area is the Grove at Grand Bay. The project broke ground earlier this year in May, and is scheduled to be completed in 2014. Bjarke Ingels is the revered architect, where sustainability is also a big mission. Grove at Bay will be LEED Gold certified.

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Why Buying Trumps Renting

May 24th, 2013

Home ownership is one of the most popular goals in our society – and one that’s completely attainable through planning. Some of the reasons why buying is oftentimes better than renting include:

An Investment – Know Miami market facts and trends, get current market analysis with a Free MARKET SNAPSHOT report provided by SSRE. Check out this rent vs. buy calculator from the NY Times.

Standard Cost of Living – when homeowners choose a fixed rate mortgage, monthly housing expenses stay the same. Hence, there will be no surprises from sudden rent increases, which are prevalent in heavily populated cities like Miami.

Tax Savings – homeowners can expect tax breaks each year, as incentives are continuously promoted. In addition, if remodels are performed, or improvements are made in energy efficiency, tax credits are likely given when receipts are saved.

Freedom – homeowners face less restrictions when living in their own homes. This includes the paint color, the designs, tailoring the home to their preference and more. Bear in mind however, that some communities will have to comply with the homeowner’s or condo association’s rules. Potential buyers should research this before taking the leap.

Of course, there are also instances when buyers will be burdened with buyer’s remorse. This is why planning and due diligence are essential prior to purchasing a home.

If you’re looking to buy Miami single family homes or condos, Sydney Server Real Estate is a great place to start. Your Miami Realtor will perform the due diligence required to ensure satisfaction. In addition, you can expect experience, professionalism and market knowledge when working with Sydney Server. Call today at 305-562-7363.

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The Most Common Ways to Complete Miami Mortgage Payments

May 3rd, 2013

Miami homeowners are most likely to make mortgage payments via check, cash deposits, credit cards and bank transfers. How can you ensure that payments are made on time? Here are some tips:

Set up auto pay – similar to making utility bill payments in this manner, many lenders offer discounts for enrolling in auto pay. Minus the long lines at the bank, an online receipt creates a virtual record that can be accessed at any time, without the bulky paper trail.

Checks – these can be mailed in via the post office. Online banking has additionally implemented new features to snap a photo of a paper check on your smartphone and tablet. This can then be deposited into the designated lender’s account without worry.

Phone a Banker – use a credit card to call in. This can also be done through the banker’s site, which is usually secured against theft.

If you’re new to homeownership, the level of responsibilities and time it takes to maintain the home can be minimized with the use of technology. Search for properties remotely through Sydney Server Real Estate’s advanced search feature on your iPad or smartphone – and on the go.

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