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Grove At Grand Bay Developers Purchase Nearby Site

December 27th, 2012

Terra Group, which is the infamous developer at the Grove at Grand Bay Towers, has recently purchased a 5-acre site in close proximity to this construction project.

The land has been zoned for a 700-unit residential tower. The company’s co-founder Pedro Martin has stated in an interview with Miami Herald however, that the plans would most likely include 200 units and construction wouldn’t commence until 2014. Other details revealed by Martin include that the tower would not exceed 20 floors. In addition, the property will not include restaurants, shops or retail – as is the case with Grove at Grand Bay.

Miami Herald reported that the location of this space makes it a prime development land, given that it sits between two central streets in Coconut Grove – on  Bayshore Drive and 27th Avenue. The tower when built, would also meet the Ritz Carton and Biscayne Bay halfway. The site furthermore has a spacious parking lot that expands over one block.

Coconut Grove Bank, which currently resides on the land space,  was built in 1959. The building would be demolished before construction begins on a new luxury high-rise for Coconut Grove Miami, and will be relocated to a nearby site on Southwest 27th Avenue. Coconut Grove Bank’s CEO believes that this transaction was profitable for both parties, given that most of the land space sat unused for years.

Coconut Grove is a lush and stately district in Miami. With the wave of developments taking place in  Coconut Grove along with nearby locations, Sydney Server brings the latest updates to subscribers and readers.

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Sources: The Real Deal, Miami Herald

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Historical Rental Listed In Coconut Grove

November 14th, 2012

An historical rental has been listed in Coconut Grove real estate market. It’s historical in the sense of price and year built.

This home was originally built for John T. Peacock, a pioneer in the real estate industry, and more specifically in Coconut Grove.

Its stands out not only due to its over 100 year structure, but also because it sits on at least one acre of land space. The Peacock House also features  luxury amenities such as a tennis court, grand entrance, and a wine cellar that fits up to 1,500 wine bottles. This cellar is additionally temperature controlled. During emergencies or natural disasters, residents are secured by impact-resistant windows and a generator.

The asking price for this treasure? It will be $20,000 per month. Lessees will find well-manicured landscapes, and anything but outdated appliances. For its history, the upkeep is impressive. Ava Moore Parks, who is a local historian, vouched for its over $1 million renovations over the years.  This entailed the electrical, plumbing and roofing fixtures.

The Wall Street Journal also featured this property on its “House of the Day”.

Other features include a marble driveway, and a L-shape pool area. The richness found in old world estates is prominent in this mansion, where only the best materials were used in detailing every fine point. As an example, some of the flooring is made from original Floridian cherry, while the doors are crafted with Honduran mahogany.

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Property Name: The Peacock House
Address: 2131 S Bayshore Drive, Coconut Grove, Fl, 31333.
Year Built: 1910
Type: single family home
SF: 6,300
Floor Plan: 5 BR/5.5 BA
Price: $20,000/month (rental)

Listing Agent Name: Esslinger-Wooten-Maxwell, Inc.

Sources: Miami Curbed, The Real Deal, WSJ

Photo Credit: The Real Deal

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Grove At Grand Bay Sets The Bar High In Luxury

October 24th, 2012

New construction in Coconut Grove, the Grove At Grand Bay, will dance from sunup to sundown with its curvy, but intriguing design that the Terra Group and Bejarke Ingels have planned.

With numerous highrises taking over the NEW MIAMI scene, not only is the city’s landscape being transformed, the skyline too, is visible from a distance with glistening skyscapers.

Coconut Grove real estate is already a bounty of natural beauty. While many skycscapers and condos in both Coconut Grove Fl, and Miami laze around in luxury, the Grove At Grand Bay will set the bar much higher with its amenities. Some of these include concierge services, private butlers, chefs, a pet spa and more.

Other features include waterfront views, rooftop pools, and private canopies in each condo.

The pair of twisting towers will replace the Grand Bay Hotel, which will be demolished this October, according to Miami Herald. The estimated time of completion for he Grove at Grand Bay will be 2014.

The condo’s development company, Terra Group has already built several luxury condos in Miami, including the Nautica, Quantum on the Bay, and 900 Biscayne Bay. Sydney Server has the listing for 900 Biscayne Condo #3512. It’s priced at $650,000 with MLS #A1695388.

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Property Name: Grove At Grand Bay
Address: 2675 South Bayshore Drive, Coconut Grove, Fl, 33133.
Type: condo
Number of Floors: 20

Developer: Terra Group

Listing Broker: Philip Freedman

Sources: Grove At Grand Bay, Miami Herald

Photo Credit: Miami Herald

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Coconut Grove’s Mayfair Hotel To Debut This Week

September 26th, 2012

The Mayfair Hotel & Spa in Coconut Grove may be seen as an historic landmark, but over the summer months, developers worked diligently to breathe new life into this property.

Highlights of the renovations include repairs of the 15,000 SF pool. Also, guests can look forward to the redone Spartico Restaurant, which will follow suit by debuting next month, on October 1, 2012.

The sales exec for the Mayfair Hotel  proposes that visitors come to enjoy the blissful new atmosphere of this Coconut Grove FL Real Estate, which will blend in perfectly with the New Miami evolution now transpiring.

Each room will be recipients of new furnishings and 100% cotton linens. The hotel will however retain signature features, such as tiffany’s stained glass, and the carved mahogany doors.

Copperline Partners design team received the contract to complete the overhaul. This week, the hotel will debut highlights of the renovation with a rooftop event, with more information to be found on the company’s website.

The Mayfair Hotel and Spa – Miami owns a triple A diamond star rating, and is close to other luxury properties including residential Coconut Grove Real Estate.

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Property Name: The Mayfair Hotel
Address: 3000 Florida Avenue, Miami, FL 33133
Year Built: 1985
Units: 179
Number of Floors: 5

Sources: The Real Deal, Coconut Grove

Photo Credit: The Real Deal

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